My Journey to Becoming Vegetarian

Why I Became Vegetarian

The Beginning

I haven’t been vegetarian all my life, in fact I’ve only been veggie for just over a year now. So, I can still remember clear as day how much I loved a cheeseburger or a bacon sandwich on a hungover Sunday morning.

However, I can also remember clear as day that gut-wrenching feeling I got one day when I was eating chilli con carne and the sudden realisation of what was on my plate hit me. I have honestly never felt so sick in MY LIFE, looking down and realising there was a ground up animal on my plate brought tears to my eyes. Now it wasnt at this moment I never ate meat again, but this was the point I knew something inside me was changing. It was from here I divulged more into research about eating meat and if it was a necessary part of our diet.

The Research

Upon reading so many articles from both sides I came across some really interesting information about agriculture that I did not know beforehand. From animal abuse to environmental factors, there were hundreds of reasons screaming at me why to remove meat from my diet.

At the start of my research, the most obvious and easiest place to get documentaries is ofcourse Netflix. On Netflix there is such a variety of documentaries into the agricultural industry and I HIGHLY recommend watching them to EVERYONE. The ones I found most informative were the following.

  • What the Health
  • Forks over Knifes
  • Cowspiracy

Please be advised before watching these that some parts are graphic and very hard to watch.


  • The agriculture industry contributes directly to the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • There is a certain % of pus, blood and other fluids from the cows allowed present in milk.
  • The abuse all animals experience.
  • Meat intake and its link to cancer and other illnesses and diseases.

These are just a few things that I learned from these documentaries, please please watch them to find out ALL THE FACTS.

After the Documentaries

The documentaries are GREAT, but another way I found interesting and more exciting to learn about becoming meat-free was through youTube videos.

Watching people debate for and against eating meat, was a really great way to create my own personal opinions and learn more interesting & key points.

  • Earthling Ed
  • Joseph Carbstrong

2 very very highly recommended youTube channels for Vegan debates and points!!

Natural Change

Through learning all these facts about agriculture, I began to just go off meat, everytime I ate it, it tasted different or I felt sick. Who can blame me after learning everything right?

With every mouthful of meat, I’d picture the animal which I was eating (not on deliberately), and I felt ashamed. After months of this, I realised I was torturing myself and animals. So why? I didn’t need to do this, so why was I?

I couldn’t come up with one reason for eating meat, only reasons against. At this point, I knew I was ready to experience a new chapter in my life.

So on the 1st January 2018 I decided that no animal would cross my lips again. The journey has not been easy. It was a process of about a year of research that led me to the point of moving onto a meat-free diet.

Is it Easy?

Now, Yes. I never think back to eating meat and want it, I don’t get a watery mouth when I look at meat and I never think to myself ‘ughh I could really tuck into that’. But that doesn’t mean I felt like that from the start.

For the first couple weeks, maybe months if I’m honest, there was temptation. But here’s the thing, there’s ALWAYS going to be temptation – and see if you give into the temptation? DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP, YOU ARE TRYING AND THATS THE MOST ANYONE CAN ASK.

Never ever beat yourself up if you give in, everyone does at one point and if they say they didn’t well I’ll put money on them lying.

I did find it a lot easier than I think some people have, but I personally believe this to be due to the extensive research that I done over a long period of time.

One thing that was a complete life saver for me has been investing in a NutriBullit. For making smoothies this machine is a real time saver, is so quick and easy to use and even comes with its own little booklet of smoothie recipes that you can make. If you would like to purchase one and make your life so much easier then follow this link and purchase one at such a reasonable price from amazon

The Food

At first, when you realise that pretty much EVERY piece of junk food is vegetarian friendly it’s hard to not just divulge into a diet of sugar and fat.

I struggled at first, and began to eat less out of the pure lack of knowledge on how to cook vegetarian.

After researching vegetarian meals I realised that cooking with vegetables rather than meat is so much more fun and EXCITING. The key pointers plan a good variety of meals ahead of transitioning to meat free diets – try them out first and slowly add them to your meal plans week to week. MAKE SURE YOU LOVE AND ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE EATING.

Smoothies were such a great way to include all your nutrients into your day, you need to make sure you still get the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. supplements can be a great use here. I use FlaxSeed availale from Holland & Barrett.
Quorn and Linda McCartney are my go-to meat substitutes, and I HIGHLY recommend them to you guys!! Especially the Quorn Southern Fried Nuggets!!

The Round-Up

It is not easy to say the exact thing that made me change, to be honest, I feel I naturally became vegetarian.

No it is not easy, but I feel great and proud to say that I am vegetarian.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and maybe it will help some of you knowing part of my experience. If you would like to know more or like this type of blog then let me know and I will continue to do so!!

Love & Peace

Louise G xox

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